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Signs a Homeowner Needs their Air Conditioning System Replaced in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA


As temperatures start to heat up in Covington and Mandeville, Louisiana, it’s crucial to ensure air conditioners keep homes cool as the scorching summer days approach. Air conditioners not up for the job have distinct warning signs that every homeowner in Covington, Louisiana, and Mandeville, Louisiana, should know.

By identifying and addressing minor issues early on, one can avoid the hassle and expense of major air conditioning system repairs down the line. However, for homeowners in Covington and Mandeville, Louisiana, some signs mean an air conditioner is beyond repair, and seeking an air conditioning system replacement may become imperative.

Frequent Repairs to Air Conditioning Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Frequent repairs on the air conditioner can be a sign of underlying issues, signaling that it might be time for a replacement. Continuously addressing repair needs can become costly and inefficient. Consider the frequency and cost of repairs carefully. If repair costs are 50 percent or over the price of a new air conditioner, investing in a replacement is often more cost-effective.

Loud Noises Inside Air Conditioning Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Unusual noises emanating from the central air conditioner can indicate underlying issues that require attention. Grinding, squealing, or scraping noises point to mechanical problems, such as a slipping belt or worn bearings. Ignoring these unusual noises can lead to further damage and potential system failure.

Strange Odors from Air Conditioning Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Unpleasant odors from the air conditioner indicate potential problems requiring immediate attention. Whether it’s a burnt wire or mold growth within the unit or ductwork, addressing these odors is critical for maintaining indoor air quality and preventing health issues. Professional HVAC technicians are able to identify the source of the odor and recommend solutions, such as tune-ups, cleaning sessions, or advanced treatments like ultraviolet lamps or duct cleaning.

Frequent Cycles from Air Conditioning Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Excessive cycling of the air conditioner, especially during hot weather, can indicate underlying issues with efficiency or capacity. While occasional cycling is normal, frequent cycling suggests inefficiencies or inadequate cooling capacity. A professional evaluation can determine whether a tune-up can resolve the issue or if a new air conditioner is necessary to ensure optimal cooling performance and energy efficiency.

Not Enough Humidity Removed By Air Conditioning Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Inefficient humidity control by the air conditioner can lead to discomfort and potential indoor air quality issues. If elevated humidity levels indoors persist despite the AC running, it may indicate a need for repair or recalibration.

Warm Air from Air Conditioning Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

When the air conditioner fails to deliver cold air, it compromises indoor comfort, especially during hot and humid weather. Whether due to restricted airflow or compressor issues, warm air blowing from vents warrants immediate attention from HVAC professionals.

Insufficient Airflow from Air Conditioning Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Insufficient airflow from the air conditioner can indicate various issues, from clogged filters to duct obstructions or compressor problems. A professional evaluation is necessary to identify and address the underlying cause.

Broken Thermostats Connected to Air Conditioning Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

A malfunctioning thermostat can disrupt the air conditioner’s operation, leading to uneven cooling or failure to turn on and off as needed. Whether due to calibration or electrical problems, thermostat issues require professional evaluation to ensure accurate temperature control and efficient system operation.

Freon or Water Leaks from Air Conditioning Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Leaks around the air conditioner, whether refrigerant or water, signal potential issues that require professional attention. Refrigerant leaks pose health risks and require immediate repair, while water leaks can lead to mold growth and structural damage if left unaddressed. Professional HVAC technicians can identify and address leak sources, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the air conditioner.

The Time Has Come for a New Air Conditioning System in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

The air conditioner’s age impacts its efficiency, reliability, and performance. Aging air conditioning systems are less efficient and prone to breakdowns, signaling the need for replacement, especially if they exceed 12 years of age. Considering technological advancements and energy efficiency, upgrading to a new air conditioning system ensures optimal comfort, energy savings, and long-term reliability for home cooling needs.

Contact Expert Air, the Air Conditioning Replacement Experts in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Expert Air proudly serves the air conditioning needs of the Northshore communities of St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parish, including Abita Springs, Louisiana; Bush, Louisiana; Covington, Louisiana; Folsom, Louisiana; Lacombe, Louisiana; Madisonville, Louisiana; Mandeville, Louisiana; Slidell, Louisiana; Hammond, Louisiana; and Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

Our highly skilled HVAC technicians are experienced in handling full system replacements, changeouts, general repairs, and maintenance for commercial and residential customers. The time for replacement is now for businesses and homes with HVAC systems that are 12 years or older. Contact the Expert Air team at 985-773-9776 or message us to see how we can help with our HVAC services.

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