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Top Factors for Homeowners to Consider When Having an HVAC System Replaced in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are crucial for homeowners in Covington and Mandeville, Louisiana, ensuring comfort and indoor air quality amid the region’s fluctuating climate. Replacing an HVAC system is a substantial investment, often prompting homeowners to resort to repairs to prolong an HVAC system’s lifespan.

Whether experiencing frequent breakdowns, rising energy bills, or aiming for a more efficient system, determining the right time for an HVAC replacement can be challenging. However,  modern HVAC systems offer various features like whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers, enhancing indoor air quality.

Homeowners contemplating an HVAC replacement must navigate the options available today and consider all factors to choose the perfect HVAC system. From assessing system condition and efficiency to exploring energy-efficient options, understanding modern HVAC systems’ long-term benefits is vital for homeowners.

The Lifespan of HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

HVAC systems have a lifespan of about 12 years. If a system approaches that age, putting more money into repairs may not be the best avenue. Most HVAC experts recommend that if the repair cost is 50 percent of a new HVAC system or greater, it’s probably more cost-effective to replace the system rather than repair it.

The Efficiency of HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Another reason to consider the age of HVAC systems is that older systems are less efficient than newer ones. If utility bills have been increasing, that may be a sign that HVAC systems are becoming less efficient with age.

Uneven Temperatures in Rooms Produced by HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Uneven temperatures can indicate that systems are wearing down or aren’t the right size for homes. This issue could be due to problems such as leaks in ductwork. Having these issues checked out is essential before investing in a new HVAC system.

Properly-Sized HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

When replacing HVAC systems, one of the major factors affecting cost and comfort is the size of the new systems. HVAC systems that are too small won’t effectively heat or cool homes, while systems that are too large won’t run efficiently. Homeowners should consider factors such as square footage and climate and consult an HVAC technician to determine the appropriate home tonnage coverage.

Technology and Equipment Changes for HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

HVAC technology has advanced in recent years, offering variable speed, communicating systems, two-stage technology, smart thermostats, and interactive control. Investing in new HVAC systems with these advancements can increase cost-effectiveness, environmental-friendliness, and user-friendliness.

Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

New energy-efficient HVAC systems use far less energy to heat and cool homes than older systems, leading to increased energy savings, which results in homeowners receiving lower utility bills..

Incentives and Rebates for HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Many utilities offer incentives and rebates for purchasing more energy-efficient systems. Additionally, federal tax credits and state or municipal rebates may be available to reduce the cost of replacing outdated HVAC systems.

Refrigerants for HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Freon, or R22 refrigerant, has been phased out since 2020 due to its environmental impact, and now its replacement, Puron R410A, is also being phased out. Switching to systems that use more environmentally friendly refrigerants like R454B refrigerant is advisable.

Checking the Refrigerant Lines for Leaks from HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Another crucial step is checking the refrigerant lines for leaks. HVAC technicians will recommend a full replacement if they’re in poor condition. Replacing refrigerant lines will extend the process since HVAC technicians must get the correct piping length.

Determining the Best Locations for HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Determining the best spots to place indoor and outdoor HVAC systems is essential for efficient operation. Conducting site evaluations and ensuring proper clearances and flat concrete platforms for outdoor systems are crucial steps in the installation process.

Budgeting HVAC Systems in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Budgeting HVAC replacements involves considering home size, property size, climate, and energy efficiency needs. Getting quotes from reputable, local HVAC experts can help estimate costs and make informed decisions.

The HVAC System Installation Process in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

The HVAC installation process can take up to five days, depending on home size, construction materials, and existing ductwork conditions. Proper evaluations, heating and cooling calculations, and meticulous installation are essential for optimal performance.

Contact Expert Air, the HVAC Replacement Experts in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Expert Air proudly serves the HVAC replacement needs of the Northshore communities of St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parish, including Abita Springs, Louisiana; Bush, Louisiana; Covington, Louisiana; Folsom, Louisiana; Lacombe, Louisiana; Madisonville, Louisiana; Mandeville, Louisiana; Slidell, Louisiana; Hammond, Louisiana; and Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

Our highly skilled HVAC technicians are experienced in handling full system replacements, changeouts, general repairs, and maintenance for commercial and residential customers. The time for replacement is now for businesses and homes with HVAC systems that are 12 years or older. Contact the Expert Air team at 985-773-9776 or message us to see how we can help with our HVAC services.

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