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A Complete Guide to HVAC Full System Replacements in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA


Summers in St. Tammany Parish cities like Covington, Louisiana, and Mandeville, Louisiana, are hot and humid, and it’s important to monitor the performance of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to keep businesses and homes cool.

Considering HVAC Systems Replacement in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Before repairing an HVAC system in Covington, Louisiana, or Mandeville, Louisiana, business owners and homeowners should consider the age of their HVAC system. Air conditioners and heat pumps typically last between 10 and 12 years, while furnaces have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years. If the air conditioning and heating systems fall within these age ranges, anticipate potential issues soon, regardless of their current operational status.

Another consideration is the cost dynamics between repairing and replacing HVAC systems. If the expenses for repairs exceed half the cost of a new HVAC system, it is advisable to opt for replacement. Moreover, if an HVAC system struggles to heat or cool efficiently, it will work harder, increasing power consumption and energy costs.

Four Tips for HVAC System Replacements in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

If an HVAC replacement is necessary, it’s critical to undergo the process before the temperature rises above 90 degrees. Steps involved in HVAC full system replacements include creating a checklist for hiring the right HVAC provider, evaluating the HVAC replacement cost, researching HVAC systems before making a purchase, and learning basic HVAC terms.

Create an HVAC Hiring Checklist for HVAC System Replacements in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

When hiring an HVAC system provider, following a comprehensive checklist is crucial. Begin by compiling a list of licensed, insured, and bonded HVAC providers local to St. Tammany Parish areas like Covington, Louisiana, and Mandeville, Louisiana.

Request detailed estimates from each HVAC provider, ensuring they cover essential aspects such as job specifics, start and completion dates, tasks involved, HVAC system replacement details, pricing, additional material costs, cleanup expenses, and warranty information.

The HVAC providers should assess square footage, perform load calculations, and recommend the appropriate HVAC system size and type. Other recommendations may include repairs to ductwork, insulation upgrades, window and door sealing, or fixes to breaches in exterior walls.

Evaluate HVAC Replacement Estimates in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Evaluate each HVAC replacement estimate by considering factors such as energy efficiency, brand reputation, installation complexity, ductwork requirements, labor costs, permits, additional features, and warranty.

Research Before Purchasing an HVAC System Replacement in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Before purchasing an HVAC system, research the best type and size HVAC systems and their energy efficiency ratings and Energy Star certifications to know what possible brands, budgets, and desired energy efficiency ratings are available.

Basic HVAC Terms for HVAC System Replacements in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Understanding basic HVAC terms is essential when shopping for a new HVAC system. One key metric is the heating season performance factor (HSPF), which gauges the efficiency of a heat pump. The minimum standard for new heat pumps is a rating of 7.7, indicating higher efficiency.

Another important term is seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), which measures the cooling system’s efficiency. The current minimum SEER rating for new systems is set at 13. While HVAC systems with higher HSPF and SEER ratings than the standard may come with a higher upfront cost, they offer a better return on investment, leading to energy savings over time.

The HVAC System Replacement Process in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

The HVAC system replacement process in Covington, Louisiana, and Mandeville, Louisiana, involves several important steps to ensure a smooth transition after choosing an HVAC provider and system for a new commercial business or residential home.

Before the HVAC installation crew arrives, business owners or homeowners are advised to move workers, valuables, and pets to safe locations. While most HVAC replacements can be completed within a day, more complex projects may extend into the next day.

The HVAC crew sets up the work area by protecting the flooring with drop cloths, moving furniture, and bringing in tools. The process begins with removing the old HVAC equipment from its location.

Modifications may be necessary, with crew members navigating through spaces. The installation of the new HVAC system includes components like an air handler, compressor, refrigerant lines, thermostat, and condensate pump.

Possible unforeseen circumstances, such as damaged ductwork, may arise during the HVAC replacement. After installation, pressure and vacuum tests are conducted before charging the system with refrigerant.

A thorough inspection ensures proper functionality and the HVAC provider explains the HVAC system’s operation and warranty details. In the end, the comprehensive process provides a more comfortable business or home with the benefits of a new and efficient HVAC system.

Contact Expert Air, the HVAC Full System Replacement Experts in Covington, LA, and Mandeville, LA

Expert Air proudly serves the HVAC needs of the Northshore communities of St. Tammany and Tangipahoa Parish, including Abita Springs, Louisiana; Bush, Louisiana; Covington, Louisiana; Folsom, Louisiana; Lacombe, Louisiana; Madisonville, Louisiana; Mandeville, Louisiana; Slidell, Louisiana; Hammond, Louisiana; and Ponchatoula, Louisiana.

Our highly skilled HVAC technicians are experienced in handling full system replacements, changeouts, general repairs, and maintenance for commercial and residential customers. For businesses and homes with HVAC systems that are 12 years or older, the time for replacement is now. Connect with the Expert Air team at 985-773-9776 or message us to see how we can help with our HVAC services.

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