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What To Do If Your AC Blows Out Warm Air

Summer is in full swing, and the last thing you want is to walk in from the heat and find that your air conditioner is blowing out hot air. How frustrating! Why does this happen? And, more importantly, what can you do about it? Let Expert Air guide you on what to do about an air conditioner that is blowing hot air. Find relief below.

Reasons Your AC Might be Blowing Hot Air

Air conditioners are complex systems. There are a number of reasons why your AC might be blowing hot air instead of cooling your home. These include:

  • Thermostat settings
  • Frozen AC coil
  • Refrigerant low or leaking
  • Dirty condenser coil
  • Broken compressor
  • Broken condenser fan

We will go over each of these and detail why they happen and what you can do about these problems.

Thermostat Settings

One of the most common reasons an AC blows out hot air is because the thermostat is set too high. The first thing you should do if your AC is blowing hot air is to check your thermostat settings. Make sure it is set to “cool” and that the temperature setting is below the current room temperature. You should also ensure that the AC fan is set to AUTO rather than ON. If you have checked your thermostat and your AC is still blowing warm air, then your unit likely has a mechanical issue.

Frozen AC Coil

Another common reason for an AC to blow out warm air is a frozen evaporator coil. This can happen if your AC unit is not getting enough airflow. There are several different potential causes for this:

  • You have a dirty or blocked air filter. Air filters naturally become dirty over the course of operation, so they need to be replaced regularly. Alternatively, it could be due to an object blocking the air filter, such as a piece of furniture.
  • You have a dirty evaporator coil. If your evaporator coil is covered in filth then air can’t pass through. A dirty evaporator coil could be a sign of a defective filter or cracks or fissures in your air ducts.
  • Your air duct has collapsed. Though uncommon, this can occur due to wear and tear, poor installation, or pests. Naturally, the air cannot circulate through a collapsed vent.

If your system appears clear and clean, your air conditioner might have an issue with its refrigerant.

Low or Leaking Refrigerant 

One of the most common issues that expert AC repair technicians are called to solve is low or leaking refrigerant. If your refrigerant levels are low then it is likely due to a refrigerant leak. A hissing or bubbling noise coming from your air conditioner is a likely sign of this problem. Do not attempt to repair a refrigerant leak by yourself, as the substance used is a health and environmental hazard. Call a certified HVAC technician to find and repair the leak.

A Dirty Condenser Coil

Another common reason your air conditioner might be blowing out warm air is a dirty condenser coil. The condenser coils are responsible for dissipating heat from the refrigerant. If the coils are dirty then they will not be able to do their job properly, causing your AC unit to blow out warm air. A condenser coil getting dirty is often due to extreme weather blowing debris into it, but it could be soil, grass, and even pests that have become trapped in the coil and obstruct airflow. As a rule of thumb, your condenser should have two feet clear of obstructions around it.

A Broken Compressor

The compressor is the workhorse of your air conditioner. It’s responsible for circulating the refrigerant throughout the system. If it breaks down, then your whole AC unit will stop working. A broken compressor is often caused by a power surge or simply because it’s old and needs to be replaced. If you have an older AC unit, then it may be deteriorating and causing rust particles to block the flow of refrigerant.

The worst-case scenario is that you have a grounded compressor. A grounded compressor occurs when wiring in the motor has broken, causing it to short out. If this happens, either the compressor or possibly the entire air conditioner will need to be replaced.

A Broken Condenser Fan

The condenser fan is responsible for venting heat from your condenser coil. If your condenser fan isn’t spinning to cool your condenser, then your condenser will shut down to prevent damage to your air conditioner. This most often occurs because the fan’s motor failed due to expected wear and tear. The fan could also stop operating due to damage like rust, debris, and damaged bearings. In many cases, the fan or fan motor can be replaced, but in others, it’s simpler to replace the air conditioner entirely.

Have Any of These Issues? Call Expert Air Today!

If you’re having trouble with your air conditioner, don’t wait to get it fixed. The professional technicians at Expert Air are here to help. We have years of experience repairing all makes and models of air conditioners, so we can quickly diagnose the problem and get it fixed fast. Don’t put up with an air conditioner that only blows hot air any longer than you have to: contact us today to schedule a repair appointment.

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