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The Benefits Of Having A Generator

According to the National Weather Service, a tropical cyclone makes landfall twice every three years in Louisiana, while a hurricane makes landfall once every 2.8 years. The year 2020 saw no fewer than five tropical cyclones make landfall. All of this means that electrical service interruptions and blackouts will only grow more common as the frequency of storms increases. That’s why you need a standby generator. Find out why with Expert Air AC.

What Is a Standby Generator?

A standby generator is a backup electrical system that runs on natural gas or propane. The generator is installed outside your home or business, usually near the main electrical meter, and kicks on automatically during a power outage. Generators can be used to power all of your home’s electrical needs or just some essentials like lights, refrigeration, HVAC, and security systems.

How Does a Standby Generator Work?

The generator is connected to your home’s existing natural gas or propane line and kicks on automatically when it senses the power has gone out. Once it’s running, the generator will restore power to your home within seconds and continue to run for as long as necessary until utility power is restored. This quick-starting emergency power can be a great relief and even protects your fixtures and appliances against electrical damage. Unlike smaller generators, standby generators can power as much as you need and don’t require frequent refueling. As long as your gas line is intact, your generator will run.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Generator?

If you’ve ever gone without power for even a few hours, you know how frustrating it can be. Not being able to cook, clean, or even watch TV can make for a very long day. A generator will keep your lights on and your appliances running so that you can continue with your regular routine, even when the power is out. There are many other benefits to having a standby generator, including:

  • Providing peace of mind during severe weather events
  • Allowing you to stay in your home or business during a power outage
  • Avoiding the cost and inconvenience of going to a hotel or shelter
  • Ensuring that your food doesn’t spoil
  • Keeping your lights on and your appliances running
  • Preventing medical equipment from shutting down
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use

A generator can literally be a lifesaver during a power outage. If you live in an area prone to severe weather, it’s definitely something to consider. A generator can still be a good idea even if you don’t live in an area prone to severe weather. Power outages can happen anywhere, anytime, and can be caused by anything from storms to accidents. A standby generator will ensure peace of mind.

A Backup Generator Can Protect Your Home and Family

As with many things, you don’t realize how much you rely on electricity until it’s gone. Many of the machines and systems you rely on to keep you and your family safe run on electricity. Consider the following:

  • First and most importantly, a backup generator can ensure that any critical medical equipment you or a family member rely on will stay powered and working. This includes machines like ventilators, nebulizers, dialysis machines, and others.
  • During the winter months, a backup generator can keep your heat running. Not only does this provide warmth during the coldest season, but it can also keep your pipes from freezing and bursting. Burst pipes are one of the most serious plumbing emergencies and can be very expensive to repair.
  • A backup generator will keep your home’s security system online even if your power goes out for an extended period. This generator is significant if you are not physically present in your home during the outage. With a backup generator, you know that your home will remain secure regardless of the status of the electric grid.
  • A backup generator will keep your appliances running, including your refrigerator and freezer. If you have special dietary needs or have medication that must be kept chilled, you need to keep your fridge and freezer online. Apart from keeping your food fresh, having a backup generator also protects you from the consequences of unpowered refrigerators and freezers. Spoiled food can quickly become moldy, presenting a health hazard, and melted ice from an unpowered freezer can cause water damage.

A Backup Generator Can Save You Money

Power outages and surges can be very costly. You have to throw away food that spoils in a refrigerator or freezer. Appliances might be damaged by abrupt changes in power, requiring you to replace them. Without heating, pipes can freeze and burst. With a backup generator, you can avoid all of these expensive hazards.

Call Expert Air AC For Your Backup Generator Today

We take pride in our work and our trained, certified technicians at Expert Air AC. We have the experience and the expertise to provide a quality experience to all our customers. With 24-hour on-call service, competitive pricing, and an offering of preventive maintenance programs, no one will take better care of you than Expert Air AC. So don’t wait until the next storm to get your backup generator. Call Expert Air AC and get it installed today!

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